Does your management system anticipate cyber-attacks or does it only react to future damages?

You can choose whether to previously assess vulnerabilities or only respond to incidents – the last case may be too late Digitally protect your company as a business decision and be part of the group of managers who ennoble the management system to a higher degree: Security..

Our performance map is flexible, and may be customized according to your business requirements:


We prevent risks, and ensure a cyber security management for systems, people, assets, data, and resources.


We track and manage your operation from new technologies and more recent tools to meet your needs and protect.


We provide you with intelligence necessary to locate threats throughout your operation, detecting and responding as soon as possible.


We offer the same level of knowledge and guidance as an internal CISO but remotely and on demand.

Have you already taken a strategic decision today?

Who trusts Imunisys work

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Be surprised by the outcomes

+3MM artifacts assessed and blocked in our customers

+ 20,000 detection coverage tests .

+1 petabyte of security telemetry

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