Strategic information security advice to when and how you need it.

Have at your disposal a team of highly qualified and skilled experts, and customized cyber security support to your organization.

Our performance map is flexible, and may be customized according to your business requirements:

Review and development of Security Policies and Procedures: ISP (compliance with GDPR).

Development and review of cyber security strategy: SMP (Master Plan).

Support for compliance with regulations: GDPR, BACEN (Brazil Central Bank), CVM (Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil), AMBINA, HIPPA.

Development and implementation of threat management strategy: (EDR, XDR, MDR, IPS/IDS, Breach Detection).

Management of business continuity: BIA, recovery strategy, PCN (Business Continuity Plan).

Tests to check hacking, diagnosis, and management of cyber risks, assessments, and computation of vulnerabilities: VMDR, ASM.

Management of awareness campaigns and phishing simulations.

We customize the service according to your company’s level of security maturity.


Security essential needs.




Identification of

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+3MM artifacts assessed and blocked in our customers

+20,000 detection coverage tests

1 petabyte of security telemetry

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